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Saeed has been blogging on product management for over 10 years. His thoughts and observations have been insightful as the discipline of product management has matured.

Selected Blog Posts

So, What Exactly is Software Product Management?

I’ve been in software product management for over 20 years. When I started, I had to explain what I did to my family and friends. They were curious as they’d never heard of the job before.

Have we (finally/thankfully) reached peak Agile/Lean?

Disclaimer — I’m sure this article will hit a raw nerve with some people, and if that’s you, then maybe you shouldn’t be reading this article.

But the intent of this is not simply to raise some people’s blood pressure, but to bring some measure of reality back to the product processes we use in companies.

The Definitive Guide to Product Marketing Optimization

Product Marketing is often the forgotten step-child of a Products organization — poorly defined roles, understaffed, with misaligned objectives and overly tactical deliverables. In some companies Product Marketing isn’t even part of the Products organization, reporting into Marketing or even Sales.


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