Metrics That Matter For

Product Managers

A one-day workshop for product managers to use data and structured metrics to drive people, process and product success.

 Metrics matter. The question is how can we use metrics and structured measurement to drive the outcomes we need in our products and organizations.  In the Metrics for Product Managers workshop you’ll learn about quantitative metric strategies, and then explore how to use metric frameworks for measuring things that matter.

You will dive in to People metrics, Process metrics, and Product metrics. To wrap up the day, you will bring together all these elements and develop your own Chief Product Officer Dashboard.

The course experience is designed around interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to practice using the tools and templates in the class environment, so you’re ready to use them on the job the next day.


What you’ll learn

Discover the Power of Metrics

Assess PM Skills

Improve Processes

Drive to Product Success

Workshop Outline

• Introduction to Metrics
• OKRs and North Star Metric
• People Metrics
• Skill requirements for product roles
• Measuring individuals based on skills
• Creating measurable action plans for skills improvement
• Process Metrics
• Understanding product processes
• Key aspects to process improvement
• Using OKRs to define metrics for product process improvements
• Product Metrics
• Understanding the Product Lifecycle
• Creating Product “Health” metrics
• Creating a CPO Dashboard
• Bringing together People, Process and Product metrics
• Applying workshop learnings after returning to work

Transformation Labs came in and did an awesome workshop on User Personas and Customer Needs. It was a full day with our executive team, and we went away with new perspectives and a deeper way of thinking about our customers.

Andrea Masterton, VP Marketing, - Performance Support for the Factory Floor


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