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Speaking in Australia

I'm on a bit of a speaking tour in Australia this month. I'd love to have you join and attend one the events if you can. Leading the Product First and foremost, I'm speaking on Release Planning at the Leading the Product conference in both Melbourne  (Oct. 18) and...

Product Management lies at the heart of Innovation

Ask 10 people for a definition of the word "innovation", and you're likely to get 10 different answers; maybe more depending on who you ask. Don't believe me? Watch this video, where they ask attendees at an innovation conference: What is innovation? Some of the...

Venn and the Art of Product Management

NOTE: A shorter version of this article was originally posted on LinkedIn. NOTE: The post title was clearly inspired by the title of this book. Sorry, couldn’t resist :-), but it should also be noted that some of the topics of discussion in the book should be of...


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