A two-day course to make every customer interaction count 

Speaking to customers effectively and discovering their problems is critically important for Product Managers. Effective insights from customers help us uncover the market needs that drive the next generation of product innovation. The problem is that most people have no experience with an end-to-end product discovery process, and end up doing it ad-hoc or haphazardly. Understanding the framework, developing the skills, using the best tools and developing the right experience for running customer interviews and workshops is vital for product success. Whether it is the development and testing of a Value Hypothesis, or presenting and testing an MVP experiment, Product Management professionals need to be able to plan and run an effective product discovery process.

Optimize Your Research Methodology

Effectively Execute Research

Gain Deep Insight

Build the Right Product

Learning Outcomes

Product Managers and UX Professionals will learn to:

  • Identify the best method for gathering information
  • Effectively plan for customer research, with a focus on interviewing users & stakeholders
  • Effectively facilitate research sessions to ensure desired outcomes are achieved
  • Uncover meaningful insights through the analysis and synthesis of qualitative outputs
  • Understand how to define solutions using a diverse toolset
  • Validate solutions to solve the right problem

Business Benefits

Organisations will see the following immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in building their interpersonal and
research skills:

  • More productive requirements gathering efforts
  • A more rigorous approach to research driving better insights
  • Better, more informed decision making that can improve profitability
Transformation Labs came in and did an awesome workshop on User Personas and Customer Needs. It was a full day with our executive team, and we went away with new perspectives and a deeper way of thinking about our customers.

Andrea Masterton, VP Marketing, - Growing Software Company

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Foundations of Strategy & Roadmapping

  • Demystifying Strategy
  • Framing Strategy in Product Management
  • Strategy in the Product Lifecycle
  • Roadmap fundamentals
  • Linking Product Strategy to the Roadmap

Module 2: Product Strategy

  • Product Strategy Fundamentals
  • Analyzing Markets, Competitors, & Opportunities
  • Aligning Product Strategy to the Business Strategy
  • Defining the Product Vision & Value Propositions
  • Building Product Objectives
  • Crafting an effective Product Strategy
  • Building the business case

Module 3: Product Roadmapping

  • Product Roadmap Fundamentals
  • Using OKR’s to link Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • Whole Product considerations
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Communicating the Roadmap
  • Executing the Plan


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