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Learning never stops and is a foundational element on which to define product offerings and a vehicle through which companies can drive business value.

Product Management Courses

Essentials of Product Management

Our key PM course, Essentials of Product Management, is for Product and Marketing people with at least two years’ relevant experience who are seeking smarter, quicker ways of delivering exceptional products and services to their market. Heighten your efficacy using the Product Delivery framework to quickly convert bright ideas into great products, and with far less risk.

Customer Research & Discovery

Customer knowledge is central to the success of Product Management. If you are looking to sharpen your skills in customer interviewing, testing and validating ideas, and better understanding customer needs and pains, this course is for you! These skills are crucial to your success in Product Management. Dangerous assumptions, catering to all customer requests, and misinterpreting customer information can cost a business money.

Metrics for Product Managers

Metrics matter. By applying metrics frameworks to drive product success, product managers can up their game to become data heroes. Heroes can measure People, Processes, and of course Products.

As W. Edward Deming said, without data, you are just another person with an opinion


Custom Workshops

Everyone needs to keep learning. Continuous learning is now an accepted  requirement as businesses grow and workers evolve.

We can deliver customized on-site training or workshops to optimize your Product Management team and fill in any gaps as the business team grows, and new processes take effect. Examples include:

  • Core Product Management
  • Introducing Product Management
  • Product Management for Executives
  • Agile Processes for Product Managers

Research Projects

We live in an increasingly data-driven, digital world. We are experts at research that will collect data to drive meaningful insights. That data leads to knowledge and knowledge to insights. Those insights will be the foundation of market leading offerings and how Product Management can communicate with the market.

Transformation Labs came in and did an awesome workshop on User Personas and Customer Needs. It was a full day with our executive team, and we went away with new perspectives and a deeper way of thinking about our customers.

Andrea Masterton

VP Marketing, - Re-imagining the productivity of manufacturing


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