Introducing Product Management

Create alignment & focus throughout your organization

Why Product Management?

Align & Focus

Is the CEO, the Dev team, the CTO, and the VP Marketing all building their own product? Get on the same page to deliver faster and better.

Build the RIGHT Product

Product Management talks to customers and stakeholders to make sure the right product is being built. Don’t waste cycles.

Deliver on Your Business Objectives

Objectives orient, and metrics matter. Manage the process & map the outputs to obtain better  business results

The Product Management Process

Disciplined & Flexible Process Aligned to Software Delivery

Introducing Product Management that aligns to your business & processes

1. Assessment
  • Interview team
  • identify key issue
  • report & discuss
  • plan implementation
2. Align to Business
  • business objectives
  • stakeholder inputs
  • market inputs
  • develop roadmap
3. Release Planning
  • release definition
  • feature definition
  • prioritized backlog
  • schedule planning
4. Agile PM
  • PM agile process
  • feature refinement
  • acceptance criteria
5. Launch Planning
  • finalize release
  • launch plan
  • stakeholder presentations
  • beta plan
6. Post-launch Review
  • retrospective
  • market acceptance
  • customer feedback
  • metrics

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Transformation Labs, we introduced Product Management quickly and effectively. They highlighted the organizational pain points and addressed them. Small software company



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