New Product Discovery

Expand Your Reach, Grow Your Revenues,  Drive Your Business


Product extensions, adjacent markets, new markets. All can help to grow your business.

Discover & Validate

Talk to stakeholders & customers. Find out their needs, and discover the needs they don’t even know about.


Develop the roadmap. Plan the work. Continually adapt as conditions change.

Process Overview

Ready. Aim. Innovate.
1. Problem Validation
Gain a deep understanding of the problem space as well as the needs and key requirements of the various stakeholders that will benefit from the product.
2. Solution Development
Define a proposed solution based on the findings and requirements identified during Problem Validation.
3. Solution Validation
Validate the solution with potential customers and users and refine the solution. Identify the clear value propositions of the solution, understand the priorities of various stakeholders.
4. Product Definition & Roadmap
Define a prioritized list of key use cases and requirements, and create an initial release plan and roadmap. Create proposed pricing, messaging and positioning and initial target customer segments.

Transform Your Ideas Into Business Growth

You and your team have lots of awesome ideas. But which ones to choose? How do I find the bandwidth to action them?


We help companies drive their business by enabling them to create

remarkably great products & product organizations

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