Essentials of Product Management

A three-day course for current or aspiring product managers that will set you up for success in your Product Management career.

Course Overview

The Essentials of Product Management course is all about setting you up for success in your Product Management career. You’ll learn how to identify your customers and dive deep into their problems. You will review the product that you have and identify the actions to perform based on it’s Product Life Cycle stage. You’ll discover how to define your Minimum Viable Product (or feature) and use experimentation to learn from your customers to successfully build and launch your product, or a change to an existing product, to market.

The course experience is designed around interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to practice using the tools and templates in the class environment, so you’re ready to use them on the job.

What You’ll Learn

Discover, Prioritize & Test Ideas

Move from Problem to Product

Plan, Launch, Release

Align & Lead

Optimize PM Activities

Workshop Outline

Module 1 – Foundations of Good Product Management
  • What is a Product
  • What is Product Management
  • Understanding Product Management roles
  • Problems vs. Solutions
  • Buyers vs. Users
Module 2 – Strategy & Lifecycle Management
  • Creating an effective Product Strategy
  • Linking Business, Market and Product strategies
  • Creating and communicating Product Roadmaps
  • Principles of Lifecycle Management
  • Reporting and optimizing product performance
Module 3 – Product Management Framework
  • Product Innovation – how to quickly identify, test and choose
    opportunities that solve customer problems and deliver organizational
  • Product Design – how to conduct user research, prototyping and writing effective user stories
  • Product Implementation – how to engage cross-functionally with stakeholders to deliver products.
Module 4 – Igniting Innovation
  • Generating, collecting and prioritizing ideas
  • Pursuing the right opportunity through customer discovery and market research
  • Aligning the opportunity to strategy
  • Iterating and testing the opportunity to identify customer/problem fit
  • Calculating the opportunity risks and financials
  • Communicating and presenting the opportunity to stakeholders
  • Making a decision to pursue or discard the opportunity
Module 5 – Designing the Right Experience
  • Learning the principles of Design Thinking
  • Understanding customer goals and tasks through user research
  • Synthesizing customer data into meaningful user personas and story maps
  • Prototyping solutions and testing for problem/solution fit
  • Creating user stories and translating stories into product features
  • Defining Minimum Viable Product (MVP) through a value and benefit model
  • Exploring funding options for solution development
  • Finalizing the product financials
Module 6 – Realizing Customer Value
  • Working effectively with Design and Technical teams to deliver products
  • Communicating the value proposition and the product’s competitive position
  • Engaging sales and marketing resources to promote the product through proper channels
  • Preparing the company for product launch
  • Launching and celebrating


What’s Included?

  • 3 days of training, facilitated discussion, interactive exercises
  • Full course notes
  • Templates & tools available online
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Morning tea/coffee, afternoon tea/coffee and lunch over the course of 3 days
  • On the 3rd day, an evening drink to network with the other Product Managers on the course
Transformation Labs came in and did an awesome workshop on User Personas and Customer Needs. It was a full day with our executive team, and we went away with new perspectives and a deeper way of thinking about our customers.

Andrea Masterton, VP Marketing, - Re-imagining the productivity of manufacturing


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