Optimizing Product Management

Drive your business


Product Success is the very definition of optimized Product Management. We make it happen.


People matter. Product Management requires a fine balance of technical and business skills.


Lightweight and efficient, optimized processes take the weight off.

The Product Management Process

Optimizing Throughout the  PM Process


Market Needs & Drivers
  • Market research & Market problems
  • Target markets & Market Sizing
  • Target Buyers (Personas)
  • Competitive research
  • Customer & Stakeholder interviews
Product Strategy & Roadmapping
  • Product Strategy
  • Product definition
  • Roadmap
  • Feature scorecard
  • Prioritized feature backlog
  • Release Plan
Product Development
  • Feature refinement
  • Define Stories
  • Acceptance criteria
  • UX design
  • Agile processes
Market Readiness & Launch
  • Launch plan
  • Manage launch
  • Internal training
  • External training
  • Beta plan
  • Release Retrospective
Business Results
  • Revenues
  • Adoption
  • Customer feedback
  • Partner feedback
  • Win/loss analysis
Manage & Measure
  • Metrics
  • Agile Processes
  • Analytical tools
  • Product Management tools

Venn & the Art of Product Management

The goal of Product Management is product success.


Success is defined by the business objectives of your product. Success could be initial customer adoption, it could be growth, revenue, profit, market share, or something else. Remember, business strategy drives product strategy and business objectives drive product objectives. i.e. the product aligns to the needs of the business.


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