Build the Right product for the Right Customer.

And execute.

Product Strategy is arguably the most important component of Product Management, but it is often overlooked as PM’s get stuck in the weeds of delivering the next release, and focused on doing the same old, same old. A fine-tuned product strategy aligns to the business strategy, focuses stakeholders on building the right products for the right customers, and drives the business objectives. One of the key outputs of Product Strategy is the product roadmap, and these two items are the lifeblood of a healthy and dynamic product management organization. This course focuses on the thought processes, skills, and tools, of creating and executing a well defined & well designed product strategy & roadmap.

Align Product to the Business

Build The Right Product

Align Stakeholders

Drive Your Business

Learning Outcomes

Product Managers will learn to:

  • Understand the core strategy drivers for the business, and how they apply to product strategy
  • Analyze the market needs, value propositions, and competitors to identify the best areas of investment
  • Craft a professional strategic plan, and build the business case to support it
  • Align stakeholders to the product strategy
  • Use OKR’s to extend the product strategy to the product roadmap
  • Factor in elements of the whole product in the product roadmap

Business Benefits

Organisations will see the following immediate and ongoing benefits of investing in building their strategy roadmap expertise:

  • Better, more informed decision making that can improve profitability
  • Increased revenues by building the right product to fit to market needs
  • Reduced cost by eliminating wasted efforts
  • Clear alignment and comunication of strategy & roadmaps
  • A more rigorous approach to strategy & roadmapping
Transformation Labs came in and did an awesome workshop on User Personas and Customer Needs. It was a full day with our executive team, and we went away with new perspectives and a deeper way of thinking about our customers.

Andrea Masterton, VP Marketing, - Growing Software Company

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Foundations of Strategy & Roadmapping

  • Demystifying Strategy
  • Framing Strategy in Product Management
  • Strategy in the Product Lifecycle
  • Roadmap fundamentals
  • Linking Product Strategy to the Roadmap

Module 2: Product Strategy

  • Product Strategy Fundamentals
  • Analyzing Markets, Competitors, & Opportunities
  • Aligning Product Strategy to the Business Strategy
  • Defining the Product Vision & Value Propositions
  • Building Product Objectives
  • Crafting an effective Product Strategy
  • Building the business case

Module 3: Product Roadmapping

  • Product Roadmap Fundamentals
  • Using OKR’s to link Product Strategy & Roadmap
  • Whole Product considerations
  • Prioritization techniques
  • Communicating the Roadmap
  • Executing the Plan


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