by Saeed Khan

What does the movie Clash of the Titans have to do with product release planning? Great question. And to see the answer, watch the presentation and find out.

I was pleased to give my “Don’t Release the Kraken!” talk at ProductTank Toronto last week. I originally gave this talk last October at Leading the Product Conference in Melbourne and Sydney. There was a full house in Toronto with a lot of questions on the topic.

It amazed me how many people had issues related to release planning. The most difficult issues seemed to be stakeholder management in the planning stage as well as change management during the development process.

I’ve included the slides from the talk below as well as a couple of bonus items!!

  • a video of me giving the talk (recorded in Australia)
  • A link to download the Release Planning Canvas. (here)
  • a sketchnote diagram of the talk that was drawn in real-time during the talk in Melbourne.

Let me know if you have any questions.